Data Access Guidelines

The unpublished data repository, Haliotis laevigata genome, transcriptomes and gene sets are not yet published. These sequences are provided to the community to allow research to proceed unhindered by publication delays and to promote collaboration between community members.

By requesting access to these resources you agree to abide by the Fort Lauderdale and Toronto agreements. Data is made available by the producers with the explicit intent to publish analyses. Members of the abalomics community resource website must request the permission of the data producers to access (agreed by requesting a username and password) and publish prepublished data with the appropriate citation. Journals and reviewers are to make sure that articles are published following the guidelines. Release to GenBank, Ensembl or other similar repositories does not constitute publication. Please contact us (or the unpublished data repository producer indicated with the sequence) if you wish to use these sequences in published analyses.

Breaching these guidelines may result in cancellation of access to the Abalomics Community Portal site resources.