International Abalone Genome Consortium

The first draft of the de novo assembled Haliotis laevigata abalone reference genome results from a collaboration between CSIRO Agriculture (Australia) and the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia). The H. laevigata genome is approximately 1.5 Gb. It was generated using paired-end and mate pair Illumina HiSeq sequencing technologies (AGRF, Australia) to greater than 100x coverage. The assembled sequence consists of 1.72 Gb which covers an estimated 69% of the genome and has a GC content of approximately 40%. The assembly consists of 105,431 scaffolds with an N50 of 81,233. Transcriptome data from 11 different tissue types has been generated to inform selection of the best de novo genome assembly and to assist with genome annotation. To date 55,000 genes have been predicted using published evidence from abalone and closely related molluscs as well as ab-initio gene predictors.

This website incorporates a Blast Server for abalone sequences from a wide variety of sources and GBrowse section for the draft abalone genome. A downloads section is also anticipated in the future. These resources are available to access by organisations contributing to data resources to this website and the draft abalone genome sequencing effort. We are now approaching the second phase of the abalone reference genome project to refine the assembly and annotation as we work towards a complete abalone reference genome. We welcome collaborators to join the International Abalone Genome Consortium to continue this effort. Contact us to see how you can get involved.